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 Fiction Fix, Issue 15

Calling Out to Lizzie, Mame Ekblom Cudd
Familiar Faces, D. E. Smith
FeathersDenise Emanuel Clemen
The Tick A Tick A Tick, Dennis Must
As Marbles Go, Nicolas Poynter
Aleta Alehouse, Sara Rauch
Lila and the Box, Timothy Day
The Elements, Bruce H. Hinrichs
Reinvention, Tina Tocco
The Abortionist, Louis Gallo

Sally Deskins, David Gaithers, and Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh


The Sleeping Wall: A Novella

by Jane M. Downs

Winner of the Fiction Fix Novella Award

Distraught over her marriage to James, Medina drives her two young sons over a gravel road toward a house on a lake. She is also a young girl in her parent’s car, riding over the same road.  War reaches into their lives, driving a traumatic past toward unimaginable loss. In Jane M. Downs’ nontraditional narrative, the past is inextricably woven into the present, filling each moment with a sense of the breadth of human suffering, desire, and need.

“Jane M. Downs’ sentences refuse distance. They slip under the skin. They float in the blood stream and shiver in cartilage and the marrow of small bones. Reading them is a wondrous, trembly thing.”
—Mark Ari, Editor

“Startlingly fresh and vivid with observations of the natural world, Jane Downs’ terse, lyrical prose conveys a tragic vision. It reminds me of what I love about D. H. Lawrence, his sense of the vexed nature of human connection, of the vast wonder of creation itself. A brilliant achievement.”
—Kathleen Weaver
Cover Photograph by Kevin Noonan



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