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From the Editor

Fiction Fix was founded by Mark Ari, author of The Shoemaker’s Tale, artist, musician, and faculty member of the University of North Florida and by UNF students.  First conceived in Fall of 2002, its founding members include editors-in-chief Sarah Cotchaleovich, Melissa Milburn, and Thelma Young. As its name implies, it was founded on the notion of fiction as an immensely satisfying – and addicting – experience. We approach Fiction Fix’s ten year anniversary with an ever-growing writer- and readership.  In the meantime, we’re thrilled about our recently launched and upcoming issues:

This May we launched a Creative Nonfiction issue, guest edited by Mark Ari.   We’re now reading for our Fall 2011 Fiction issue, due to launch in November 2011 (submissions due by August 1). We are also delighted that our 11th Issue will be a Sequential Art/Graphic Literature issue guest edited by Russell Turney (submit by February 1; the issue is due to launch in May 2012).

We also recently announced the Gypsy Sachet Award in Letters and Autobiography.  We appreciate the creative cover letters and biographies our authors send in with their submissions; this opportunity recognizes those creative materials, and also gives our readers a unique glimpse into the lives of our authors and the life of a literary journal.  See our submission page for details.

If you are new to Fiction Fix, come in, introduce yourself—let us take your coat. Have a seat and stay a while. If you are returning: welcome back, we were expecting you.

April E. Bacon