In the News

“Bait and Switch: Fiction Fix offers Nonfiction Issue,” Brevity. June 2011.

“Within the Brackets,” Spinnaker. Vol. 34, No. 18. January 2011.

“Get Your Fiction Fix, now with a side of art,” Spinnaker. Vol. 34, No. 4. August 2010.

“Fiction Fix Pushes 7th Annual Fix on Literary Junkies,” Jacksonville Magazine. Vol. 26, No. 7. August 2010.

“Fiction Fix’s Inaugural Online Edition.” Skirt. November 2009. 

“Fiction Fix publication premieres with bash in gallery.” Spinnaker.  February 2005.

“Second Injection Deals Quite a Fix.” Spinnaker.  April 2004.

“Book offers readers their fix of fiction.” River City News.  March 2003.

Press Releases

Fiction Fix Launches Creative Nonfiction Issue, Issue 9 (2011).

The Fix is In, Press Release announcing the launch of Issue 7 (2010)

Fiction Fix 6, Press Release announcing the launch of Issue 6 (2009)